Our variety of seminars is designed for all levels of your organization — from new recruits to senior executives.

More importantly, we will assess your specific needs and goals to provide training that will ultimately improve employee awareness and self-confidence. Every seminar presented by Vision Accomplished is specifically tailored and custom designed to meet the unique needs of your company.

Perfecting your Professional Image

Learn to present yourself with confidence and authority in this interactive seminar focused on improving and enhancing your professional business savvy. Seminar topics will cover many valuable “soft“ skills from First Impressions and Improving Your Mingling Proficiency to The Art of the Handshake.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Learn how to effectively resolve conflicts, enhance your communication skills, understand image impact and fine-tune your leadership development to build credibility and effectiveness — inside the office with employees and outside the workplace with clients.

Dining at the Corporate Table

Learn the skills to confidently participate in the world of dining at the corporate level. Subjects include Business Entertaining, Receiving Lines, Host and Guest Duties, Toasting, and Tipping.

Interviewing and Job Skills for Young Adults

Learn how to win the job of your choice by being prepared for interviews and business activities with programs in Professional Business Savvy and Dining Skills.

Manners Matter — Etiquette and Dining Programs for Children and Teens

Interactive programs teach courtesy and respect through age-appropriate role-playing exercises and illustrated workbooks to children from age 4 to 17.