Leadership, image and professionalism training

In a highly competitive marketplace where many companies offer similar services and products at similar prices, how you treat your customers is as important to your company’s success as the quality of your product.

Vision Accomplished offers leadership, business protocol and professionalism training programs presented by consultants certified by the renowned Protocol School of Washington® that teach you how to increase your comfort level in a multitude of corporate and social situations — you’ll possess the sensibilities that put your clients and customers at ease, lead to increased customer satisfaction, and have a positive effect on your company’s bottom line.


Anne Corley Baum, author has published two books.

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"... my goal was to learn, not to speak. It was fulfilled. The interaction of the group, including the participants, was stimulating, as well as enlightening. The ideas extracted from my colleagues during the luncheon panel were invaluable, all conveyed in their own unique style. Anne and Elmer have a produced a 'winner.'"

Gates Leadership attendee

"Anne identifies common mistakes we make with our daily interactions with people. She offers tips on how to change our behaviors to maintain strong relationships which make this book a must-read. After reading this book, I realized how many small mistakes I, myself, needed to work on. This book should be given to every young person entering the workforce.

Christine P. on SMALL MISTAKES BIG CONSEQUENCES - Develop Your Soft Skills to Help You Succeed

"This is a great book for any person entering the professional world or for someone looking to improve their business demeanor if they are wondering if they have any areas of interpersonal communication that may need improvement."

Yvonne, reader of SMALL MISTAKES, BIG CONSEQUENCES for Interviews

"Anne's leadership training was not only career-changing, it was life-changing. When my boss said the leadership team was going to have training which included peer-to-peer reviews, I was nervous, but Anne's insight and feedback on the observations of my direct reports, co-workers and peers was fantastic. Her insight definitely had a positive impact on the trajectory of my career."

David, on Vision Accomplished Leadership Program